Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Longhorn Steakhouse on Fort Union

We were invited to the pre-opening complimentary lunch at the new Longhorn Steakhouse on Fort Union Blvd., across the street to the North from the Family Center where the Marie Callendar's used to be.  The interior is warm and cozy and the employees were well trained and polite.  Our cute server Marilyn was excellent, relaxed, well trained and fun to be around.  We split the $9.00 shrimp and lobster dip pictured here.  Gigi ordered the Bourbon Glazed Salmon over rice with veggies ($12.99) and I got the 1/2 Baby Back with a baked potato loaded and a side salad. ($11.49).  All of the food was excellent.  My ribs were very tender and delicious, Gigi's Salmon was cooked perfectly, not over-cooked which is easy to do.

The dinner menu ranges from approximately $12 to $28.  I found it interesting to see the calories listed under each of the items on the menu.   Buyer beware.

A lot of new restaurants based on meat in the area, Dickie's and Sonny Bryan across the street and of course, Famous Dave's that has been there for a while.  I think Longhorn will do well.  

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