Monday, November 5, 2012

Taqueria 27 1616 Foothill Drive

We loved the high end Mexican Food at Taqueria 27 today.  I had the Pork with one of the specialty Moles (Oaxacan).  I chose the basil rice and pinto bean sides ($12.50 including sides).  Dave had the Quesadilla with Pork ($10) and we split a Flan Dessert.  A couple of little comments:  

They are thrifty guys.  Unlike most Mexican food restaurants, there isn't one chip or extra offered "gratis."  The plates are too small, the only napkins offered are cocktail napkins.  They brought us a bunch.  The interior is very clean and modern.  The waiters are trained and they have a huge selection of tequilas.  My food was fantastic.  It was perfectly cooked, not fatty and it was delicious.  Dave loved his as well.  The Quesadilla had a lot of cheese in it and it was prepared perfectly.  I think it's a great place and compares price-wise to Dodo or Porcupine.  Give it a shot.

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