Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blue Lemon Cottonwood Heights Great Prices, Delicious Food

We had our fourth meal at Blue Lemon for dinner last night around 6:45 and chose the sole dish at $12.00 and the Short Rib Entree at $11.00. Both were delicious and perfectly cooked. Michael, one of the managers, noticed us and compted us a piece of chocolate cake. With tip, drinks and taxes, less than $30. It would have been more like $50 at Market Street. The short ribs were generous portions, maybe 8 ounces, perfectly tender and flavored. The sole was on top of some kind of mashed potato stuffing mix, also delicious. There were perfectly cooked small whole carrots along with polenta, I believe with the short ribs. Again, perfect. Also, spend a minute with their new fangled drink dispenser. There are dozens of choices and it's easy to work once you practice for a second. I had the cherry dasani again and I love it.

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