Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh Mai approximately 6150 Highland Drive

Some family of the owners of Trang have opened up where Lettuce and Ladles used to operate just North of the Wendy's and Xcel on Highland Drive. I had a Bahn Mi Ribeye sandwich for under $6.00. I loved it, full of Thai flavors, herbs and lean meat. The bread was toasted and crispy and a little rough on the roof of my mouth. I was worried that this wouldn't be enough food so I ordered a bowl of the Pho which is a delicious brothy soup with light noodles, more beef along with sprouts, onion, basil and some kind of green pepper. Delicious and on its own would have been a great lunch. Others ordered the Honey Pork Sandwich and a similar bowl of soup. We also split a fresh spring roll which is pictured here with the sauce. Delicious. The operators are very nice, experienced and we will visit again soon.

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